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Multinational Retailers Gets Proactive On Energy Management and EMS Calls


Many major companies with a portfolio of building sites invest in centralizing building data to better control energy consumption and respond to maintenance calls. But not all EMS monitoring solutions are created equal. Learn how a multinational retailer dropped their EMS solution in favor of one that provided them with real-time data and support to help them drive energy decisions and troubleshoot daily issues.

About the Customer 

The featured customer is a multinational clothing company with over 500 retail locations in the U.S. alone. The client uses one building automation system (BAS) for their North American operations that is connected through a central network infrastructure and utilizes a third-party CMMS ticketing platform, utility billing, and reporting platform.  

The Challenge 

The client wanted an experienced energy management system (EMS) monitoring solution that provides energy management services driven by data and analytics. This would enable them to make more strategic energy decisions, meet specific energy goals, and move into predictive and proactive maintenance management.

The client also wanted to secure a robust U.S.-based EMS call center service to more readily respond to calls, alarms, and be more proactive in servicing employee and customer comfort needs. Historically, their EMS provider did not fix issues well, with the client constantly requiring escalation to Transformative Wave (TWave) service or a truck roll for an on-site tech.  

The Solution 

Phoenix's EnterpriseDX (EDX) solution provides the client with real-time store and asset level information. They are able to leverage that data to assess location performance across their portfolio allowing them to:

  • Identify opportunities for new energy savings 
  • Improve store conditions without sacrificing additional energy use
  • Access historical and real-time data that informs their energy decisions 

With Phoenix, the client also now has a comprehensive alarm and FDDO program using EnterpriseDX Event Manager, allowing them to be more proactive with maintaining store conditions and ensuring the HVAC equipment runs optimally.

The Results

BAS knowledge and Call Center 

The client's top priorities of partnering with a knowledgeable EMS monitoring company with a highly supportive call center is achieved through Phoenix's:

  • Extensive EMS team training on TWave control systems
    • This training ensures expert-level troubleshooting without escalating issues to TWave—a great first line of defense!
  • Consultants having high-level programming backgrounds
  • Flexible support for the needs of stores with more remote-based work
    • Phoenix can better support the client's scheduling, system resets, and comfort complaints

EDX Tools

The client has access to vigorous tools through Phoenix, including:

  • A BI portal - consolidated view of data points to help address ongoing issues, particularly useful with stores that call in issues the most. Phoenix also works with regional and national corporate support staff to address top callers and work weekly to get ahead of issues.
  • EnterpriseDX Event Manager to proactively address issues on site affecting both employee and customer comfort, as well as energy issues.
  • A TWave gateway built by Phoenix to pull data in to EnterpriseDX 
  • Corporate staff access to EDX to see real-time data as necessary along with the access facility and energy managers maintain

Additional Benefits

The client has been extremely pleased that their TWave invoice support has been essentially zero since teaming up with Phoenix. 

Successful Energy Strategies and Support Through Phoenix

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