Case Study: National Department Store Case Study

How PhoenixET was able to save over $10M in Energy Savings


A National Department Store needed help minimizing their internal Regional Manager Call Process across their 900 store enterprise while reducing energy. They were noticing that their typical Regional Manager call would last anywhere from 45 minutes - 2 hours, which was NOT the efficiency they were looking for. After searching through the industry for a solution to help with their problem, they came to PhoenixET for a solution. PhoenixET implemented a solution which involved their proprietary software, EnterpriseDX, BI Analytics and their expert Call Center Services.

Now with this big picture view of their information, historical data and new analytics capabilities, they had the ability to make strategic decisions to capture energy savings and drive proactive facilities management. 


Why PhoenixET Was Selected

  • Ability to manage 100% of fleet on one platform with 2 way control capability
  • Ability to automate the Regional Manager Checkout Process
  • Ability to allocate resources to strategic management of location vs. reactive state


The PhoenixET Solution

  1. Once PhoenixET's software solution had been implemented across the enterprise, a clear view of all locations and assets was seen on a singular platform, which not only gave the department store the visibility they needed, but also a commanding ability right from the platform
  2. PhoenixET integrated their expert managed call service which alleviated much of the call volume from the Regional Managers, and with the ability to remote troubleshoot assets, our expert team was able to reduce truck rolls to sites 
  3. As time goes on, our energy and facility experts are constantly coming up with new ways to save money while maintaining a comfortable environment, ECM's (Energy Conservation Measures) along with our proprietary solution and active monitoring, keep rolling in the savings year after year!



  • $10M in Energy Save
  • Reduced Regional Manager Calls by 44,700 Hours and $1.3M
  • $2.5M in Energy Save in Year 5!