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Introducing EDX Event Manager

Monday September 24, 2018
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

EDX Event Manager


This post is part of The Guide to Building Management Technologies.

Enterprise facilities and building managers have a tough job when it comes to building equipment alarms. With each control system having their own alarming and events systems, keeping track while identifying the real issues in a maze of alarms, can be challenging. 

PhoenixET's EDX Event Manager brings all your events and alarms under one roof, and applies a layer of intelligence to consolidate, deduplicate, and create trends with your many alarm types. With Event Manager, your team can collaborate using the multiple statuses and notes, prioritize with multiple tiers and flags, and even take action to resolve issues from right within the EDX platform.

With Event Manager, you can significantly reduce the number of false and useless alarms, giving your technicians more time to work on the real issues that need to be addressed. 

Features include:

  • Sort, filter, and search for alarms
  • Customize event notifications
  • Multiple flags and priorities to manage alarms
  • Tiered escalations
  • Resolve most issues immediately using integrated tools
  • Audit trail and trend reporting
  • Accessible from any browser

Download Alarm Manager Datasheet


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