Enterprise Data Xchange Smart Building Platform
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Enterprise Data Xchange (EDX)® Smart Building Platform


Enterprise Data Xchange® (EDX) Smart Building Platform controls, manages, and monitors millions of data points from HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, industrial and consumer facing machines to do smart things. EDX enables enterprise-wide visibility providing predictions, actions and insights that help maximize comfort and savings.  

Unlike other enterprise energy management solutions on the market today, EDX is a true IoT platform that optimizes building performance, reduces energy consumption and improves customer comfort. EDX can automatically improve comfort levels by automatically sending remote control signals to locations to optimize temperature and lighting levels within customer-defined parameters. The ability to remotely gain data insight and control your assets through one complete IoT smart building platform improves energy and workforce efficiency which significantly strengthens the business case for investment.

EDX integrates securely with your existing building management equipment and requires no new hardware or equipment. This approach lowers implementation costs, increases payback, and speeds deployment, making EDX one of the most valuable IoT energy management platforms available.


EDX Command Manager

Instant smart building commanding from anywhere

EDX Command Manager puts the remote back in the control of your enterprise. Command Manager saves time Command Managercommanding bulk changes to your systems without using the clunky building controls interface. Reset your enterprise to corporate standards, or react to seasonal or other multi-location changes. Command Manager allows authorized users to remotely command set points or lighting for one or more locations, while building an audit trail for later analysis.


  • Command across multiple sites and multiple access types in minutes
  • Sort and select locations by multiple parameters
  • Create and edit rules to prevent errors and streamline changes
  • View and graph historical command changes
  • Extend the capabilities and life of hardware
  • Access commanding from any browser


EDX  Demand Manager

Meet energy demand events and cost savings objectivesDemand Manager

Demand-side activities are a company's best chance to control costs and reduce energy use. Demand Manager provides a significant cost savings and energy decrease by managing demand across many locations and multiple BAS types to meet your energy cost and load objectives without sacrificing customer comfort or installing additional hardware or meters.


  • Demand Management and Demand Response capabilities
  • Works across multiple BAS and doesn't require a meter
  • Load rolling and cycling 
  • Cascading strategies

EDX Building View 

Streamlined universal access to your enterprise

EDX Building View simplifies enterprise-wide visibility and provides roles-based control to your team from any Building Viewdevice. Identify anomalies, create trends, and surface opportunities with up-to-date data from across your networked locations, with a consistent interface regardless of the data sources or systems. Building View helps you prioritize your team’s work and save time and energy by having streamlined universal access to diagnosis and commanding tools.


  • Common view of datasets across any location on any building control system makes comparing and analyzing easy!
  • Access multiple points of building data such as zone and supply temperatures, sensor status and set points. Quickly dig into any location in your enterprise, and identify conditions, issues and statuses. You can even change setpoints to resolve comfort concerns.
  • Highlighted problematic readings in red to help quickly identify issues and increase efficiency when diagnosing problems at the location level.
  • Charting and historical trending. View data back as much as 36 months, including multi-point trending.
  • Mobile Accessibility. Access your building’s data from any browser, at work, at home, or wherever you are!

  • Command setpoints. Quickly change setpoints to resolve comfort issues without having to login to any other system.

EDX Schedule Manager

Powerful Building Environment Scheduling

Maintaining schedules across multiple buildings in your enterprise can be very challenging,Schedule Manager because accessing each control system’s front-end to make mass changes is complicated and time consuming.

Frequent changes to schedules during holidays, planned building maintenance, or other activities can take many hours or cost thousands to be manually input by a service provider. With EnterpriseDX Schedule Manager's easy-to-use interface or bulk upload feature, changing your enterprise’s schedule is quick and easy.


  • Mass schedule changes for one or many locations at a time, regardless of control system. Quickly edit schedules across the enterprise, or create a new schedule on demand. 
  • Enterprise scalability. Provide access only to those that need it and utilize reporting and audit capability to maintain adherence to your schedule.
  • Direct Schedule Feed and Schedule Uploads. Maintain schedules in your ERP, POS or other enterprise system for maintenance-free scheduling.
  • Default setbacks and fallbacks. No more having to return to the control systems to set schedules back to normal.
  • Granular control. Manage schedules with fine granular control, offsets and short time intervals – only keep on what you need, to minimize energy usage and spend.
  • Data feeds. Integrate additional data sources such as POS, weather, and more for real-time and automated equipment control based on occupancy or other business uses.
  • Mobile Accessibility. Maintain and update your enterprise schedule from any browser, at work, at home, or wherever you are!