Build for resilience 

Equip your systems to prepare for change 


Refine your operations to enhance efficiency and sustainability


Leverage data to improve your savings, sustainability and comfort.


Adapt to changes while balancing resources.


Implement an AI-driven framework to deploy cognitive analytics for sustained growth.AI horizontal no base



Harnessing AI, our dynamic closed-loop system operates autonomously, continually adapting to diverse conditions. This approach facilitates intelligent data exploration, enriching our predictive strategies with heightened precision and agility.


By leveraging AI, we augment our capabilities to be better and faster, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness in ever-changing environments.

Collect and consolidate diverse data sources to facilitate informed decision-making while maintaining data privacy and security.





Analyze insights on energy, utility, occupancy, equipment, maintenance, air quality, weather, and Scope 2 carbon intensity for proactive decision-making and enhanced operations.




Act on and deploy proactive strategies to optimize operations, mitigate risks, and implement energy conservation measures for enhanced efficiency and asset value.




Trusted for success by more than 20 recognizable retail brands

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Grocery store

National Grocery Chain Is Able To Save With No Additional Expenditure

Case study
Retail clothing

Multinational Retailer Gets Proactive On Energy Management and EMS Calls

Case study

Beauty retail store

Major National Chain Reaches Store Comfort and Energy Goals

Case study

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Drive customer delight and achieve CFO satisfaction with up to 5x ROI

Savings Roadmap

Realize up to 20% cost savings through a self-funded solution

Increase customer comfort and minimize equipment downtime

Secure CFO approval with a compelling 3-5x ROI


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Advanced AI for Unrivaled Facility Automation and Energy Efficiency

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Unparalleled data accuracy and reliability

Seamless integration and compatibility

Extensive BAS support library

Expert team of EMS and energy analysts holding numerous certifications

Legacy of innovation and industry tenure 

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Phoenix Energy Technologies Wins the Globee Award for Customer Excellence

Jun 6, 2024 1 min read
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EnterpriseDX® for Grocery Wins Top Product of the Year Award

Apr 22, 2024 2 min read
Phoenix Energy Technologies Customer Service Shines Bright!

Phoenix Energy Technologies Customer Service Shines Bright!

Apr 5, 2024 1 min read

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