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A Leader in Smart Buildings and Connected Machines

The world is more interconnected than ever before – including the machines in our daily lives. The cost of buying, maintaining and powering those machines is financial, social, and environmental. As an IoT innovator in smart buildings and connected machines we control, manage, and monitor assets such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, industrial and consumer facing machines to do smart things such alert, measure and command to automatically correct or predict the need for service. At Phoenix Energy Technologies, we enable retailersuniversities, grocery storestheaters and many other industries to accomplish their savings goals by providing best-in-class software that monitors and controls assets with minimal additional hardware. 

PhoenixET's EnterpriseDX® Energy Management Software

PhoenixET's energy management platform is 100% customizable to each customer's needs and is guaranteed to drive 5-15% energy savings enterprise-wide.

We start by identifying our client's true needs, whether it be our energy management software, our advanced analytics, our customer-specific EMS services or a combination of the three, then we fine tune our solution to match those needs. We map the current processes and procedures being utilized throughout the enterprise and "fill in the gaps" where we can make the most impact and produce the most value.

Our individualized approach ensures that our client is receiving services customized to their needs, and our extensive playbook demonstrates exactly how we implement each point to our process to provide maximum energy savings.

Some of Our Solutions Include:

  • Provide commanding and scheduling among diverse control systems with antiquated programming
  • Reduce/Eliminate alarm noise
  • Prioritize critical issues
  • Improve FM workflow
  • Generate Energy Savings within HVAC, lighting and Schedule Management
  • Provide enterprise visibility and data driven asset management
  • Create a more centralized energy management approach

Master Energy, Master the Future

Today, organizations simply can't afford to dismiss the untapped energy and facilities savings that exist across their building portfolios. Between increasing regulatory pressures, rising energy prices, and changes in consumer and corporate expectations, the pursuit of increasingly energy efficient infrastructure is becoming imperative. By using Information Technology (IT) capabilities like EnterpriseDX® to capitalize on IoT to collect, analyze and act on data available from existing building systems and other machines, tremendous opportunities exist for improving energy performance. In many cases, energy savings between 5-15% – along with substantial facility maintenance savings - are achievable. We appreciate the opportunity to continue the conversation and learn more about your enterprise and how we might work together to lower energy consumption and costs across your building portfolio.

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