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Banking Chain Improves The Customer Experience Through Branch Comfort

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A comfortable banking environment accomplishes several critical things. It relaxes and helps build trust with customers. It also focuses associates and managers on building customer relationships to maximize company objectives. This case study highlights how we helped a major financial chain address comfort issues, enabling them to hone in on sales goals with renewed drive.

About the Customer 

The customer is a multinational banking and financial services company. They sought an energy management system (EMS) monitoring company to oversee their sophisticated systems to optimize comfort throughout their U.S. branches. The sheer variety of building management systems they oversaw was unique to this customer, with many branches located inside older skyscrapers or other large facilities complicating centralizing data and remote management. 

The Challenge 

The banking customer's key challenge boiled down to a lack of being proactive on branch comfort, which had several negative consequences: 

1) Distracted and Complaining Customers and Staff - Uncomfortable customers complained and were not receptive to discussing financial services. Unfocused staff were also not performing to expectations and failing to deliver on sales objectives.

2) Misuse of Management Resources - Management was continually dealing with facility issues rather than spending time on more productive areas. The customer desperately needed a proactive approach to reduce comfort calls and the number of problems managers were having to resolve. 

Building Legacy Systems

Additionally, the customer had the challenge of contending with many legacy systems, requiring a specialized approach to successfully integrate their systems for remote monitoring and management. They had little to no control over many of their older systems, with branches renting space inside numerous older buildings throughout the country. This rendered a lot of EMS monitoring solutions ineffective.  

Support Issues

Historically, the customer was dissatisfied with their former EMS provider's support. The customer constantly required escalation to their Building Automation System (BAS) or a truck roll for an on-site tech, causing them to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their former EMS provider did not address store and corporate problems, including temperature and mechanical issues on heating and cooling units.   

The Solution

Utilizing EnterpriseDX proprietary gateways, Phoenix provided a software overlay to the customer's BAS across all their branches to bring data into EnterpriseDX Building View, a web-accessible platform providing asset-level information.  

demand manager

Phoenix then assesses building data to establish enterprise performance, identifying energy-saving opportunities and addressing branch conditions.

Phoenix also set the customer up with a comprehensive alarm and Fault Detection Diagnosis & Optimization (FDDO), or "efficiency alerts" using EnterpriseDX Event Manager, allowing proactive maintenance and optimal HVAC conditions at each location.

The Results 

The customer can now proactively monitor and manage store comfort and has moved into predictive and proactive maintenance management, eliminating banking customer and employee discomfort and distraction issuesand allowing management to concentrate on banking targets over facilities management issues. 

Phoenix delivers:

  • Customized alarm management, with flagged issues sent to the customer's nominated operators to address site requirements remotely and dispatch work orders appropriately, as well as organize enterprise management of set points and schedules
  • Building asset data that indicates when units are starting to break down, enabling predictive and proactive maintenance
  • Intelligence so the customer can be more proactive with operational strategies


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