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Phoenix Energy Technologies Wins Gold Award for AI in Energy Management and Sustainability

Globee AI in Energy Management and Sustainability

We are delighted to announce that Phoenix Energy Technologies has been awarded the prestigious Gold Award for AI in Energy Management and Sustainability at the 9th annual Awards for American Business! This recognition comes after careful consideration by judges who reviewed over 1000 nominations, making it a truly remarkable achievement.

Our winning entry, EnterpriseDX® Smart Building Platform powered by ClassifyAI™, has been instrumental in revolutionizing building management with its advanced capabilities. Notably, EnterpriseDX® excels in seamlessly integrating diverse building systems, leveraging ClassifyAI's state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms. This integration accelerates operations by processing 50,000 data points in just 30 minutes with over 99% accuracy in under 2 minutes—enabling real-time decisions and substantial cost savings.

The Awards for American Business is a renowned platform that celebrates the pinnacle of success and achievement in the business world. It brings together leading companies from diverse sectors to acknowledge exceptional work and dedication.

This Gold Award underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability in energy and facilities management. Congratulations to our dedicated team whose unwavering excellence and technological advancements continue to push boundaries in our industry.

Together, we remain at the forefront of optimizing energy efficiency, enhancing operational agility, and promoting environmental stewardship. This award serves as a testament to our hard work, industry expertise, and dedication to excellence in the field of AI-driven energy management and sustainability.


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