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Phoenix Energy Technologies Named CleanTech OC Company of the Year

Irvine, CA, September 19, 2012 – CleanTech OC, Orange County’s premier clean technology trade association, named Phoenix Energy Technologies as Company of the Year yesterday at the Third Annual CleanTech OC Conference and Expo.  CleanTech OC’s most prestigious honor, the Company of the Year Award recognizes excellence in the “pure play” clean technology space for companies based in (or with substantial operations in) Orange County.

Honored at a live ceremony in Irvine, CA, PhoenixET CEO, Lisa M. Varga, weighed in.  “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by the CleanTech OC organization,” said Varga.  “We share CleanTech OC’s values and are proud not only to support the local economy through job creation, but also have a passion for establishing Orange County as a center for clean tech innovation.  We have grown 57% in the past three years and our continued growth strategy will deliver additional opportunities to those interested in pursuing a career in the clean tech space.”

An enterprise energy management provider, Phoenix Energy Technologies couples proprietary software and services to reduce energy consumption and costs for multi-site organizations.  Specializing in the national retail market, PhoenixET leverages its ability to deploy solutions without the installation of new hardware, along with its Analytics and Monitoring services, to deliver increased energy efficiency and provide the support required to optimize building performance.  In the case of a national retail chain, where seemingly “minor” adjustments pay big dividends when implemented enterprise wide, energy spend may be reduced by up to 25 percent.

“In keeping with the 2012 CleanTech Expo theme – that clean tech provides solutions to many of the challenges facing our nation and globe – PhoenixET strives to not only impact the bottom line for its customers, but also support the greater good by lessening the carbon footprint,” says Varga.   “Commercial buildings account for up to 70 percent of energy consumption, so helping our customers to identify and take action on opportunities to save is a win-win relative to financial reward and the carbon footprint.”

About Phoenix Energy Technologies

Phoenix Energy Technologies is a strategic partner and leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management software and services in the retail sector. With a proven process to enable greater visibility, produce actionable information, and achieve optimized building performance, PhoenixET provides a 360° solution to reduce energy consumption and costs.  For more information, visit

About CleanTech OC 

CleanTech OC is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary trade association that seeks to promote economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry, which is likely to be one of the most significant engines for job growth in Southern California over the next decade.

Our organization consists of private companies, academic institutions, and local governmental entities that are engaged in clean tech and working together to serve the existing and future needs of the cleantech industry in the Orange County region.