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EnterpriseDX® for Grocery Wins Top Product of the Year Award

E+E_2024_Awards-TopProduct_S+CPhoenix Energy Technologies is pleased to announce that EnterpriseDX® for Grocery has been distinguished with a coveted Top Product of the Year Award in the Environment+Energy Leader Awards program. This year marks a milestone as the program divides accolades into six innovative categories, tailoring recognition to specific sustainability and energy management excellence sectors.

EnterpriseDX® stands out for its exceptional contribution in software innovation for asset and facilities management setting a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in its category. This recognition underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of environmental and energy management.

Seamlessly integrating with existing systems, the IoT platform delivers real-time visibility into asset performance, prioritizing energy efficiency and proactive maintenance. Achieving an outstanding 300-400% ROI, the tailored engineered savings standards ensure substantial cost savings. Additionally, the solution streamlines operations, reducing truck rolls, enhancing data accessibility, and optimizing work order processes.

Notably, significant strides have been made in environmental stewardship, removing nearly 100,000 Metric Tons of Carbon through kWh reduction. The approach incorporates cutting-edge features such as remote commissioning of HVAC and continuous monitoring enhancements, addressing challenges in connectivity and resource limitations. Amidst a competitive landscape, the comprehensive solution stands out for its proven results and commitment to customer success. Compatible with diverse platforms and offering robust data analysis capabilities, EnterpriseDX® empowers retailers to drive sustainable growth while maximizing operational excellence.

The distinction of EnterpriseDX® by Environment+Energy Leader signifies a remarkable achievement in the field. Jessica Hunt, Co-President of E+E Leader, expresses her admiration for this year’s winners:  “The introduction of six distinct categories in this year’s awards program not only celebrates the breadth of innovation within the industry but also highlights the specific areas where companies are truly making an impact. A win is a testament to these companies’ outstanding efforts and leadership in driving forward the sustainability agenda.”

As we celebrate Earth Day 2024, incorporating EnterpriseDX® into your sustainability initiatives can be a powerful statement of your commitment to environmental consciousness. Whether you're a retailer looking to minimize your carbon footprint or a facility manager striving for operational excellence, EnterpriseDX® offers a holistic solution that aligns with the ethos of Earth Day.


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