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  • Energy efficient building highlighting energy management solutions







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  • Energy efficient building highlighting energy management solutions








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Enterprise Energy Management Systems & Solutions

In today's business world, mastering energy consumption to save money and reduce environmental impact is becoming increasingly vital. At Phoenix Energy Technologies, we help retailersuniversities and theaters accomplish these two goals by providing best-in-class software that monitors and controls their energy usage. As part of a complete energy solution, we also provide a skilled analytics team and outstanding help desk support services.

PhoenixET's EnterpriseDX® Energy Management Software

Our software platform, EnterpriseDX®, integrates all of your energy data to maximize efficiency and increase ROI. This easy-to-use and easy-to-understand platform was built as an enterprise system designed to bring predictability and scalability to multi-site customers. EnterpriseDX® provides real time information by aggregating tens of thousands of interval data points to bring context to your entire energy picture. Significantly, EnterpriseDX® integrates securely with your existing BMS equipment and requires no additional equipment or hardware. EnterpriseDX® works by automating, integrating, evaluating, and demonstrating.


EnterpriseDX® automates the collection and commanding of your critical data sources, schedules and set points using proprietary software gateways (not hardware or on-site adjustments).


EnterpriseDX® integrates your critical and contextual data sources into the centralized platform for monitoring and analysis, allowing you to spend less time compiling and more time extracting value.


The reporting features in EnterpriseDX® allow you to evaluate your energy consumption and identify cost saving opportunities.


By implementing energy saving strategies gleaned from your organization EnterpriseDX® will demonstrate significant return on investment.

Proactive Analytics

Our Proactive Analytics team is composed of skilled building control experts who constantly monitor and optimize your facilities operations through EnterpriseDX®. This centralized monitoring team combined with EnterpriseDX® identify and maximize your energy savings.

EMS Monitoring

Our EMS Monitoring team supports both you and our Proactive Analytics team. Acting as call center support, they provide superior technical expertise and customer service.

Master Energy, Master the Future

Today, organizations simply can't afford to dismiss the untapped energy and facilities savings that exist across their building portfolios. Between increasing regulatory pressures, rising energy prices, and changes in consumer and corporate expectations, the pursuit of increasingly energy efficient infrastructure is becoming imperative. By using Information Technology (IT) capabilities like EnterpriseDX® to collect, analyze and act on the data available from existing building systems, tremendous opportunities exist for improving energy performance. In many cases, energy savings of 20% or more – along with substantial facility maintenance savings - are achievable. We appreciate the opportunity to continue the conversation and learn more about your enterprise and how we might work together to lower energy consumption and costs across your building portfolio. Please click here to schedule your appointment, today.

Our Mission

Lead the energy industry by providing innovative technology and services, creating sustainable value on behalf of our customers and the environment.

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