Energy conservation efforts that save money
Case Study: Retailer Gains Enterprise-Wide Visibility
How a Retailer was able to gain enterprise visibility, actionable information and improve performance for their building portfolio of 1,100 locations.

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PhoenixET first engaged with a retailer to help manage their struggle with their existing EMS system. They were manually monitoring their facilities, which kept them in a very reactive mode of operation.

Like many national retailers, this company was unable to consolidate their data and achieve enterprise-wide visibility into their energy usage and their systems’ operations at the unit and load level. Manual consolidation of information was time-consuming and analyzing the data to determine the appropriate corrective actions was unworkable.

Without a big picture view of their information, a lack of historical data and analytics capabilities, they could not make strategic decisions to capture energy savings and drive proactive facilities management. 



With PhoenixET’s complete energy management solution, this company gained enterprise visibility, actionable information and improved performance for their building portfolio of 1,100 locations

The first step towards a proactive energy management strategy was the implementation of PhoenixET’s EEM software platform, EnterpriseDX. Without new hardware or the need to visit a single site, PhoenixET’s EnterpriseDX was able to access, consolidate and validate over 300,000 data points in less than 6 weeks.

Leveraging PhoenixET’s Advanced Analytics team of experts, they were able to upgrade their energy and facility maintenance management strategies. The Advanced Analytics team honed in on energy outliers and system inefficiencies utilizing building baselines, benchmarks, models and fault detection and diagnostics tools to deliver fast energy savings. Using a validated services process, PhoenixET’s EMS Monitoring team closed the savings loop by taking action on the savings opportunities identified by the Advanced Analytics team. In addition to receiving calls and remotely changing setpoints and schedules, the EMS Monitoring team troubleshot issues to save on dispatching technicians whenever possible. If a technician was needed, EMS Monitoring worked as a liaison to track technician visits, walk them through the repairs if needed and validate that the repairs were completed.

Since the integration of the PhoenixET complete energy management solution, Office Depot has seen results in the form of energy savings, facility maintenance savings, operational efficiencies and customer comfort.



  • Average Annul Energy Savings: $2.2 million
  • Average Annual kWh Reduction: 20,572,342
  • ROI: 61%
  • Simple Payback: 12 months

Next Steps

Even though PhoenixET has already helped this retailer meet and exceed their goals for the EEM program, we will continue to pursue even better performance. By using Proactive energy modeling and simulation capabilities, Phoenix will soon begin to deploy capabilities to allow this company’s buildings to adjust setpoints and schedules based on changing weather, schedule or energy market conditions. And integration of EDX’s energy and building data with asset and maintenance systems will transform this company’s existing preventative maintenance programs into predictive maintenance programs. By incorporating these additional enhancements into our solution, PhoenixET will keep driving this portfolio towards optimized costs and intelligent buildings capabilities.

Energy Management Case Study