About Phoenix Energy Technologies
PhoenixET About Us

Founded in 2004, Phoenix Energy Technologies is a leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) Software and Enterprise Energy Management Services. PhoenixET works with commercial, retail and higher education customers to diagnose opportunities and implement strategies that reduce energy consumption and costs.

Through real-time measurement and verification of energy use, related costs and contextual data (such as weather, occupancy, and schedules) PhoenixET helps its customers get a "full view" of energy consumption and costs in order to drive efficiencies, reduce energy spend, and deliver maximum ROI.

What Makes Us Different

PhoenixET is breaking the traditional EEM mold through its IP-based connectivity solution and flexible SaaS approach, which requires no new hardware and no on-site installation. Unlike many solutions in the market today EnterpriseDX®,  PhoenixET’s core monitoring and control software platform, is not just an energy monitoring tool, but also has auto commanding capabilities back to the building control. EnterpriseDX® requires no new hardware or equipment at the store level, as it integrates securely with existing open or closed protocol BMS equipment, regardless of the brand. This approach lowers implementation costs, increases payback, and speeds national deployment.

In addition to its software services, PhoenixET also provides professional monitoring and analysis services to its customers. As a company that began as a consulting and services firm, PhoenixET has taken an innovative approach to alarm and data management with a focus on built-in intelligence. By leveraging the PhoenixET technology platform, together with a robust and innovative services arm, PhoenixET customers redefine the 360-degree approach to energy management.

Phoenix Energy Technologies customers include commercial accounts, national retail accounts, universities, theme parks and others.