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Unveiling Carbon Manager V2.0: Revolutionizing ESG Sustainability Management

Carbon Manager v2.0

Phoenix Energy Technologies is excited to announce the highly-anticipated release of Carbon Manager™ Version 2.0! This new version is set to revolutionize how organizations track, manage, and optimize their carbon emissions while enhancing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Building on the success of the previous version, Carbon Manager V2.0 introduces groundbreaking features that empower businesses to achieve greater insight into their carbon footprint and drive data-informed decisions toward a greener future.

With ESG becoming even more of a priority for many organizations, they can now leverage our newest analytics product, Carbon Manager, to help both quantify Scope 2 carbon footprint and reductions, and also identify exactly where they can further optimize facilities equipment to enhance the reduction of their carbon footprint.

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As one of the only software providers that can both integrate with any legacy control system to collect, analyze, and action against data, we saw an opportunity to innovate with Carbon Manager.  "We recognize that our customers have choices when it comes to their carbon reporting system of record, but what they are not getting today is a diagnostic tool that can pinpoint specific equipment, such as HVAC or refrigeration, which have an outsized impact on their Scope 2 CO2 footprint, and can be optimized to drive that CO2 number down," said Ryan Adelman, Vice President at Phoenix.  "Carbon Manager is equal parts a reporting tool and a carbon diagnostics tool, enabling users to make decisions about locations and equipment that present the most cost-effective carbon mitigation opportunity."

New Features of Carbon Manager V2.0 include:

Visual Trending of Performance: Carbon Manager V2.0 introduces the ability to visually trend performance over both long-term and short-term periods, enabling businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their energy consumption and carbon emissions with these views:

  • Long-Term Monthly Trends: Carbon Manager now offers insights into carbon emission (Metric Tons of CO2), energy usage (kWh), and associated costs ($) on a monthly basis, allowing companies to track progress over extended periods and identify trends in consumption.
  • Short-Term Hourly Trends: In addition, businesses can now monitor carbon emissions (Metric tons CO2), energy usage (kWh), and grid intensity (MOER) on an hourly basis. This granular data empowers organizations to pinpoint usage patterns and optimize operations for peak efficiency.

Drill-through to store-level BAS issue/performance data: Carbon Manager V2.0 goes even further in providing actionable insights with the introduction of drill-through capabilities to store-level Building Automation System (BAS) issue/performance data for enhanced store-level insights. Organizations can now identify and address issues such as runtime outliers, setpoint outliers, and alarms that contribute to a larger carbon footprint. This feature is particularly impactful for stores with the highest size-normalized carbon footprint, enabling targeted interventions that yield significant environmental benefits.

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