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Shopper and Employee Comfort and Safety in a COVID-19 Environment


The pandemic has thrown a lot of curveballs at retail. And facility managers have contended with their share of the challenges. There are many questions and speculations about indoor air quality, compliance, and how to safely manage building occupants with minimal mandated regulations to follow. FMs are left to balance the myriad of recommendations from ASHRAE, the CDC, OSHA, and local and state bodies.

What we're hearing from our customers

We have a wide range of retailers that we partner with to control, manage, and monitor their building assets. Most of our customers have hundreds, if not thousands of locations. Some of the initial questions we received when contagion concerns, lockdowns, and social distancing first came into effect were: 

  • Retail chains worried about a potential outbreak at one store affecting their overall reputation 
  • How to cost-effectively roll out updating HVAC filters across locations
  • How to capture long-term building data to help prove compliance should any legal issues arise
  • What is optimal indoor air quality (IAQ) and how can it be achieved 

A COVID whitepaper was born

For our clients and other FMs trying to make sense of what changes they need to implement during this time, we put together a whitepaper collating COVID compliance recommendations and best practices from industry and health leaders. In our Shopper and Employee Comfort & Safety in a COVID-19 Environment whitepaper, we include building management and automation tips and offer a list of healthy building reports for those wanting to maintain compliance records, including:

  • Zone Temperature Performance Reports
  • Comfort Mitigation Program Reports
  • HVAC Daily Diagnostic Reports
  • Call Tracker Reports (hot calls)

We welcome you to download the whitepaper and follow up with our energy team if you have any questions. We partner with large enterprises to achieve comfort and energy targets across large portfolios. Our strength lies in capturing and analyzing building data that improves visibility and saves FMs time and money managing a portfolio of rooftops. New call-to-action

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