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Reducing Emissions Across Your Portfolio With Carbon Manager

There is heavy pressure on businesses to reduce emissions, and many organizations struggle to comply. Although  many companies now have sustainable targets woven into their organizational mission statements, tracking and managing emissions is still evolving. Fortunately, there is now powerful software that can gather and interpret data about buildings across an entire energy and asset building portfolio.  

Carbon Emission Reduction

The list of entities  who want proof of an organization's efforts to reduce  carbon footprint grows every day including:

  • Federal, state, and local governments
  • Investors and marketplaces (Nasdaq, NYSE and others)
  • Customers and employees
  • Industry groups and foreign businesses

To benchmark and show evidence to the growing list of entities and people that expect a lowered carbon footprint, organizations have to start tracking and comparing energy data across all of their buildings. This intelligence lets companies pinpoint facilities that require the most attention, prioritize reduction strategies, and help prove that they are making a difference. 

Key Challenges in Tracking Carbon Emissions

Unfortunately, data is largely siloed, and the responsibility for gathering and interpreting energy data internally is not always clear. Lack of oversight, expertise, and practical tools all prevent companies from reporting reduction efforts well—or at all. 

This is where Carbon Manager™ makes a real difference. We released this robust Smart Building tool to enable enterprises to effortlessly quantify their carbon footprint and to  measure and report the impact of efforts to reduce their overall emissions. We also designed Carbon Manager™ to be implemented without incurring capital costs by accessing data from assets that you already own.

The jewel of this tool is how it makes complex data easier to decipher, with at-a-glance dashboards highlighting metrics you need for your unique organization. Below is a typical dashboard many clients use as a daily overview.

Carbon Manager tool

Carbon Emission Tracking at Your Fingertips

So what does Carbon Manager™ give you on a day-to-day basis? 

Our tool allows you to:

  • Maintain one source of truth for energy data across of all your buildings
  • See how your enterprise is tracking against established sustainability goals
  • Estimate carbon reduction goals based on real-time data 
  • Quickly slice and dice carbon reduction data to reveal regional and time trends
  • Isolate where the best and worst-performing carbon reduction locations are located  
  • Build filtered reports to export data 

To reduce risks of being non-compliant to stakeholders and regulators, you need to effectively track, calculate, and interpret data to manage your carbon footprint. We can help! Download our Carbon Manager™ datasheet to learn more! 

Download the Carbon Manager Datasheet

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