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Proactively Using Demand Response During Peak Energy Times

As a leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management software and services, Phoenix Energy Technologies is also known as a proven partner for demand response events. Considered to be the action taker between the customer and curtailment service providers (CSPs), we collaborate with customers to set energy efficiency and money saving techniques during demand response events.

As the action taker, we ensure that demand response events are executed in order to receive real-time results andDemand Response Icon allows the customer to maximize their energy efficiency to earn the most amount of money for participation -- all while reducing manual processes through automation to reduce the chances of human error, and scale across your many locations.

We have been executing demand response and curtailable load strategies for quite some time. Using Enterprise DX Demand Manager, PhoenixET customers receive the optimum precision and accuracy needed to take load response participation to the next level, and maximize their earnings potential. The strategic alliances formed by us and CSPs have resulted in successful solutions for big box retailers.

Our demand response is not the traditional approach, instead working to be proactive and price-responsive. We are constantly improving demand response techniques, and are able to manage very short response notifications windows, cascading curtailment strategies, and more.

With advanced tools and relationships with great Demand Response partners like Enersponse, CPower, Leap and Voltus, we are bringing energy-reducing activities to each customer's stores nationwide. By looking at factors such as pre-cooling, monitoring occupancy levels, adjusting set points, and others, demand response allows for each location to reduce energy consumption in real time, rather than scrambling to adjust causing the customer to miss out on savings during the delays. 

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