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Live Webinar!        How to Maximize Demand Response Participation in Texas and Arizona

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Live Webinar! Are you curious about the benefits of demand response (DR) and how it can help your organization save money and reduce energy consumption? Look no further! We are excited to announce an upcoming webinar that will delve into the benefits of demand response programs and how demand management is booming as a hot topic among enterprises with multiple locations.

Join us Thursday, January 26th, 1 PM PST in our webinar How to Maximize Demand Response Participation in Texas and Arizona.

Demand response (DR) benefits are many and include utility rebates to offset controls and upgrades, and the lowering of CO2 emissions through participation in these programs which in turn helps the grid and leads to more renewables.

In this webinar, you will hear from industry expert Ron Rau on how you can promote these programs and engage an internal supportive ally within your organization. Hear also how our valued partner CPower can help you navigate the nuances of the multiple DR programs in the Texas and Arizona markets, and markets relevant to your locations – so you can earn revenue from your energy assets.

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 Come away with an understanding of how you can:

  • Build and sell the business case internally from a financial perspective and get ahead of program deadlines.
  • Scale demand response across a diverse portfolio with multiple legacy, BAS systems to maximize savings.
  • Obtain an assessment of your entire energy and facilities equipment portfolio from Phoenix Energy Technologies to understand how to best capitalize on DR programs available.

Demand response program deadlines are quickly approaching beginning with February 1 program contracting, so don’t miss out on asking your pressing energy management questions in our webinar's live Q&A!

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