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PRSM 2019: Some Highlights from Denver!

Thursday May 9, 2019
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies


Last week, members of the PhoenixET team attended PRSM 2019 National Conference held in snowy (not kidding) Denver Colorado. Read on to see what you missed.

The Keynote Speaker was Mel Robbins and her 5-second Rule. The theme was “How to Change Your Life in 5 Seconds” by interrupting your autopilot and interrupting your negative thoughts before they start. Google her TEDx talk. It was inspiring.

Mel Robbins

The General Session had pyrotechnics at the end and they brought out a group of drummers to upbeat music. As you exited, they had two long lines of people on both sides of the wide aisle, some wearing funny hats, cheering you on, as if you had a ton of fans as you exited, and set out on your 2019 PRSM experience - see below for live action! 




We loved meeting customers and discussing how they can reduce truck rolls and better optimize proactive and scheduled maintenance with EDX Building View and Building Intelligence


Facility Managers and Multi Site Facility Managers can find advantages in areas such as:

  • Enterprise-wide equipment monitoring
  • Call management and analytics
  • Maintenance and scheduling management
  • Re-commissioning, and more

Our very own CTO Keith Gipson and Jeff Soplop spoke on Intelligent Buildings "Energy Optimizing Designs: Is Your Building Smart Enough." 



Great question from the audience on retail facility management who expressed a fear of finding out that once you get the results, you may learn that you need to spend/invest in new equipment.

  • Keith: Sometimes it is just optimizing, shifting and adjusting, changing your operational structure. Start there first.
  • Jeff: Start by leveraging your existing equipment and infrastructure before spending a lot of money.

Finally, PRSM is rebranding! The closing reception introduced the new name, Connex, as well as a new industry magazine that they passed out called "Connexus." It featured Ron Rau, past PRSM President and our VP Operations.


Great conference. See you at the PRSM National Conference 2020!

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