Building Intelligence

EDX Building Intelligence Portal

Building data is hard to gather and consolidate, because of legacy and proprietary building equipment. Energy and facilities teams rely on multiple data sources and manual consolidation to create trends and make decisions. You’ll get a real-time summary of energy and dollar savings, cost avoidance, and your best and worst locations at a glance, without the time-consuming manual tasks. While the real-time analytics engine continuously monitors progress towards your smart building goals!


Download Building Intelligence Portal Datasheet



Executive Dashboard

6 included pre-created charts and graphs created by PhoenixET's energy and facilities experts let you get your system health at a glance.




Alarms Summary



Ad hoc Report creation: Intuitive interface

Easily filter and select data to create the view that meets your needs; by region, brand or other selection.






Enterprise-wide building health at a glance

Get the current state of your energy usage, comfort and calls/alarms across all your control systems and connected machines in a normalized dashboard. No conversion or legends required.




Exec Dashboard



“Active” reporting

Automatically take corrective and proactive action based on data trends and anomalies.








Interactive Map

Zoom into your area of interest and select the region or building you want to learn more about.