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How a Major National Chain Reached Store Comfort and Energy Goals


Learn how PhoenixET helped a major chain reach store comfort and energy goals, including developing better strategies to improve compliance for temperature and humidity standards.  

About the Customer

The customer is a beauty retailer of cosmetics, fragrance, skin care and hair care products operating thousands of retail stores across the United States. Given the nature of testing and applying cosmetic products, each store’s physical environment is of the utmost importance especially temperature and humidity.

The Challenge

The customer has thousands of locations with many different building management systems combined with a variety of hardware. This forces them to manage their enterprise on a site by site basis. This is time consuming and inefficient. They were searching for a solution to:

  1. strategically manage their entire enterprise
  2. improve compliance for temperature and humidity standards
  3. reduce energy spend and consumption

The Solution

PhoenixET worked alongside the customer's Energy & Sustainability Manager and their Head of IT Infrastructure to connect their stores to PhoenixET’s software platform, EnterpriseDX

Using the EDX Suite, the customer's team can see each store’s status, setpoint, current zone temperature, and relative humidity under one unified software platform. They are now able to strategically manage their entire enterprise within a few clicks using EDX while improving compliance for temperature and humidity standards

The goal of reducing energy spend and consumption was met with the challenges of new COVID requirements. In addition to prioritizing indoor air quality, the new provisions also had employees and customers wearing PPE making comfort difficult to maintain. With EDX, ECM strategies were deployed to include setpoint optimization, staged pre-cooling, and more. EDX also enabled the customer's variety of hardware for automated demand response (ADR) therefore, allowing them to cash in on rebates and incentives provided by their utility companies further reducing their energy spend and consumption.


The Results

PhoenixET and the customer's teams have partnered to improve compliance with state and local indoor air quality requirements, improve the comfort of mask-wearing employees and customers from both a temperature and humidity standpoint AND saved energy and money! The customer is now enjoying:

  • 100% of stores being managed with EDX
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption and spend
  • delivered compliance for temperature and humidity standards using EDX real-time data


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