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Don’t Wait for Building Upgrades To Save Money on Energy

Monday April 6, 2020
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

Don’t Wait for Building Upgrades To Save Money on Energy

Evolving technology is giving energy and facility managers so many opportunities to manage all their locations that it is hard for them to keep up. Many hold the mistaken belief that they have to have huge budgets to get their hands on an excellent building management system, or they think they cannot even consider the option until they upgrade old facilities. The problem is, neither of these is true, and IT IS COSTING THEM MONEY NOW. 

Procrastinating on reducing energy use costs businesses money that they will never see again. Investing in ways to save energy is a no-brainer. And many businesses find that it does not take long for the decrease in their energy spend to create positive ROI. 

Let’s look at some of the technology available these days.

A robust building management system can:

  • Drastically reduce the need for buildings to pull energy during peak load times.
  • Managing runtime of your equipment, making sure it is running only when needed and off when not.
    • Smart systems can determine if RTU’s are not cycling or operating for extended periods, pointing out possible deficiencies. Monitoring Fan load status can also determine if fans are incorrectly set to corporate standards of operation, such as “Auto”. 
  • Adjust for weather for optimal performance.
    • Advanced BMS solutions will reduce energy while maintaining customer comfort at each location.
  • Bring down lighting costs.
    • A BMS should monitor a location or store’s setting vs. corporate standards, looking for baselines to determine if loads are operating out of set expectations.
  • Convert all energy management across locations to centralized control - or this can be carried out in phases as upgrades to antiquated systems are carried out.
  • Shift from reactive monitoring to proactive management.
  • Enable you to use savings to pay for more energy savings programs. 

Don’t Wait to Save on Energy

We provide award-winning enterprise energy management solutions and we constantly encounter businesses waiting to make the switch to a BMS solution as they mistakenly believe they need to upgrade antiquated stores and locations before they can roll out advanced software. But this wastes thousands (and in some cases millions) of dollars annually. 

Rolling out a BMS to the portion of locations ready for smart metering and monitoring can lead to enough of a reduced energy spend, that the monies saved can fund the required capital equipment upgrades on the older locations.     

How PhoenixET Helps Enterprises Save Energy 

With our innovative approach to enterprise energy management, we can identify substantial energy-saving opportunities per location. Our customized solution drives cost savings without a single piece of additional hardware and without ever visiting a building site. 

Our energy analysts calculate EUI and Energy Star Building Score to prioritize retrofit opportunities and track building and portfolio improvements, using a combination of real-time energy data with ENERGY STAR metrics for accurate and always available data information.

We can:

  • Reduce your capital equipment costs by proactively managing preventative maintenance.
  • Make energy improvements before rates go up
  • Help you take advantage of seasonal savings opportunities like demand response incentives.
    • The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's annual report into demand response shows that states are starting to encourage and legislate with demand response principals in mind, particularly with advanced metering. Advanced metering, coupled with a solid BMS, gives those managing multiple locations complete visibility and reporting capabilities into the performance of sites.  

We’ve put together five case studies outlining the customized ways we can help businesses save on energy now. These real-world examples include retail, grocery, and healthcare customers and can be accessed below.

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