EDX Demand Manager
EDX Demand Manager Phoenix ET

Energy Managers are under competing pressures to meet budgets, reduce energy costs and carbon footprint goals,Demand Manager wins product of the year and manage customer comfort, all with a lack of visibility, messy control systems, and local users complaining or manually changing the controls. Even with the right technology, including control systems with programmable capability and meters to react to, managing hundreds or thousands of locations is challenging without a dedicated team.

Demand-side activities are a company's best chance to control costs and reduce energy use. Demand Manager provides a 2-4% energy decrease by managing demand across multiple BAS types to meet your energy cost and load objectives without sacrificing customer comfort or installing additional hardware or meters. PhoenixET's Demand Manager's flexible rules engine and remote commanding capabilities dynamically adjust  HVAC and refrigeration systems across company defined zones and subsystems to react to your pre-set conditions. The visibility and reporting capabilities allow you to better demonstrate the outcomes of your various event response and demand management policies. 


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Multi-Action Strategies

Manage demand at the subsystem level for expert-level strategies like load cycling and other curtailment strategies to avoid affecting staff or customers. Build strategies that automatically react to zone temperature, schedules and more! Know that you'll meet any demand events by pre-creating contingency plans. 






Works Across Multiple BAS Without a Meter

Manage demand at more of your locations than even advanced programmable control systems. Take the struggle away from managing your DR strategies from your BAS controllers location by location.


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Control Actions at Subsystem Levels

Avoid affecting staff or customers by implementing expert strategies like load cycling in a few clicks.






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