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Energy and Smart Building Industry Blog

The Vision for PhoenixET and the Future of Energy Management

Friday April 10, 2020
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies


We are frequently asked about our mission in the energy industry and where the industry is heading. Our company leads by innovation. And at the heart of that innovation is creating tools for retail and commercial facility managers.

What is Phoenix's mission?

Why do we exist?

Energy is the most under-managed strategic resource of any company, however, it's often the third largest cost, right behind people and products. (Our clients can have 1,000 sites and spend hundreds of millions per year on electricity alone). 

What do we value?

Having FUN delivering enterprise smart building IoT solutions to retail and commercial customers.  

What do we do?

We offer a combination of software and services to manage energy and building operations. Our platform integrates seamlessly with over 90% of the Building Automation Systems in the industry, both open and well as closed/proprietary. 

How will we succeed?

Phoenix will succeed by transforming the energy/building management process through the use of advanced technology and powerful tools.

We transform energy/building management from a reactive, uncontrollable cost -
To a proactive, strategic resource flow. 

Download our Adaptive Energy Management Guide

Where are energy management tools advancing? 

There are at least two "next BIG things" on the horizon:

  1. Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Predictive Maintenance are strong areas we are evolving to get data from multiple facilities across the country to one centralized point of control. 
  2. "Easy" Implementation processes: Turning the customer implementation process from a high-touch, high-cost, and labor-intensive process that takes weeks or even months, to a 100% completely automated "NO touch" process that takes a few hours...max.

Early beta tests of these advanced “no touch” implementation tools enabled us to deploy a small but complex grocery/refrigeration customer pilot solution in a few days as opposed to the original, estimated timeline of several weeks.

If you would like some real-world examples of the types of results we can help customers achieve, please see our case studies that cover a variety of industries and scenarios.

We encourage any facility or energy managers looking to quickly implement real process change that reduces operational costs and dramatically cuts down on energy use and spend to reach out to us for a demonstration of what PhoenixET can do for you. 


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