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PhoenixET Case Studies

Case Studies



How a Major National Chain Reached Store Comfort and Energy Goals

Learn how PhoenixET helped a major chain reach store comfort and energy goals, including developing better strategies to improve compliance for temperature and humidity standards.  





Balancing Cost and Comfort - A Major Retailer's Case for Always Occupied Setpoints

How PhoenixET enabled a major pet specialty retailer to devise and quickly deploy a new comfort energy strategy across over 1,600 stores.



healthcare visibility-2

PhoenixET is Able to Provide Full Visibility with Minimal Expenditure

Without the ability to understand and view asset trending data and performance reports, it is difficult to triage and understand what needs to be fixed first. PhoenixET helps to solve this issue - learn more!



saves money

A National Department Store Is Able To Save $10M Across Their Enterprise

Without the ability to view asset information across an enterprise, it is difficult to make decisions impacting locations. PhoenixET has a solution to help reduce spend, and increase productivity for your team. 




A National Grocery Chain Is Able To Save With NO Additional Expenditure

With a limited budget and time constraint to meet deadlines, A National Grocery chain was able to save 4% of their total expenditure by enlisting the help and resources of Phoenix Energy Technologies.



Retail CS

Increasing Visibility to Gain Efficiencies 

Without a big picture view of their information, an absence of historical data and analytics capabilities, it is difficult to make strategic decisions that capture energy savings and drive proactive facilities management. 



Universal Studios cuts energy consumption and costs with Phoenix Energy TechnologiesUniversal Studios Hollywood Uses Technology to Drive Energy Efficiency

With mounting pressures to reduce consumption and the carbon footprint, Universal Studios Hollywood and Phoenix Energy Technologies worked together to improve energy efficiency across the park.