Roadmap to Intelligent Buildings
Phoenix Energy Technologies Roadmap – energy conservation and saving

How We Connect: Enterprise Energy Management

*Example of BAS Systems

How Are We Able to Connect Without Hardware

National Retailers and large organizations invest millions of dollars in chillers, RTUs and other cooling, heating and lighting equipment. The EnterpriseDX® software and Proactive Analytics Team catalogs equipment inventories and predicts equipment failures.

Using software gateways, PhoenixET is able to connect to multiple Building Control Systems. Because of this connectivity, Phoenix is able to pull building data every fifteen minutes and store it in a secure cloud based server. Through these gateways, the data is compiled in a normalized and standardized format which grants users the visibility across their building portfolio from one intuitive user interface.

This building data is then fed into our software platform EnterpriseDX® where our team of EMS technicians and analysts identify solutions to drive energy savings and cost reductions.