Environment Monitoring & Reporting
Maintain your buildings for safety & compliance
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Ensure your buildings are safe

Monitor your entire building portfolio in one panel

If you’re concerned with maintaining the environmental safety of your buildings, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of monitoring your entire portfolio in a single dashboard.

You can keep tabs on your buildings’ temperature, air pressure, particulate filtering and more. Set alarms to notify and even generate tickets to rectify issues before they become a risk to your employees or customers.

As regulations change in the era of COVID-19, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate your compliance now more than ever.

New Challenges


New Challenges

Be open to changing building conditions

Conventional wisdom went out the window in 2020 surrounding building temperatures, airflow, and more. The requirements of face coverings, open doors and windows, and many more cleaning solutions have changed the way we operate buildings forever.

PhoenixET has been at the forefront of the changes that affect your front lines and customers since 2004. 

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Connect to YOUR risk mitigation systems

Your building's safety and security is your business

Let us help you realize the dream of connecting all your building risk management solutions in one place. Our expertise in IoT and connected control systems can bring your security systems, cleaning equipment or sensors into view across your enterprise

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