Case Study: Healthcare Case Study

How PhoenixET was able to alleviate Facility Managers' Pain Points


When a nationwide healthcare company came to PhoenixET for help on enterprise-wide visibility and reporting, PhoenixET had the perfect solution to help them gain the visibility they needed without installing additional hardware and eliminating additional capital equipment purchases. PhoenixET overlayed their proprietary software, EnterpriseDX (EDX), over their current BAS system achieve maximum results. Through integration of EDX, their healthcare company now has web-based visibility at the site and regional levels allowing for consistent alarm notification and management, Proactive Analytics and the added support of a 24/7 EMS Support Team. 

Phoenix was able to solve for 3 major issues that this company had: 

  1. No Enterprise Visibility for site level problems. This forced Facility Managers into a purely reactive state.
  2. Inconsistent alarming capabilities from the hospital control system. This created confusion and time delay in addressing problems at the locations.
  3. No EMS Support provided to directors at each hospital, impacting the directors 24/7/365.


How PhoenixET Was Able to Solve for These Issues

    • The full rollout of EnterpriseDX allowed for this company to finally gain full visibility to data sets from all locations, from all different BAS systems, onto a single web-based platform. This platform consolidates this data into easy-to-read formatting and gives the user the ability to view, sort, command and set parameters.
    • Facility Managers are now able to assess the hospitals through high level KPI's and metrics to drive decisions on a single-site/multi-site level. Managers can now pull outliers, create schedule changes, create set point changes and obtain relevant reporting for what they want to see. Download Case Study at Bottom of the Page for More Details.
    • Facility Managers can now utilize an EMS Support team to reduce work loads and improve response times with issues. The PhoenixET expert EMS team can remotely solve many issues without a tech on site, reducing the time these regional managers would spend on site trying to figure out the issue and then fixing it. 


Download our Full Healthcare Case Study Here