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PhoenixET Releases Enhanced Enterprise Demand Response for 2021 Demand Season

Phoenix Energy Technologies, a leader in energy optimization solutions for multi-site enterprises has announced additional enhancements to its already robust demand management and demand response platform, as well as additional demand response partners.

Demand Manager 2.0 includes features such as the ability to manage sub-system HVAC controls, not always available in building controls. Demand Manager was created to make managing day-to-day energy demand, as well as utility demand response programs much easier at scale. With the addition of these features, energy managers can fine tune programs to take advantage of even more utility incentive programs, without affecting the comfort of their associates and customers. New features include:

  • Subsystem level programming to facilitate expert strategies such as HVAC load cycling, load rolling, and load shifting
  • Near real-time updates of current demand levels
  • Robust list creation to manage locations by ASHRAE zones, building control type, zip code/address, or any other designation
  • OpenADR integration to connect to even more utility programs

In addition to these enhancements, PhoenixET has entered into relationships with several, key DR aggregator partners to offer access to more programs than ever before.

CPower - CPower supports more than 1,700 customers, including many multi-site commercial companies save energy and earn revenue through curtailment programs.

Leap - Leap provides access to global energy markets through a simple interface to allow retailers to manage energy resources without administrative burden or complicated integrations.

Enersponse - Enersponse specializes in Demand Response aggregation for multi-site organizations, partnering with OpenADR technology providers to enable reliable and automated curtailment.

Voltus - Voltus delivers innovative demand response, energy purchasing, and energy efficiency programs to retailers and other commercial organizations.

Phoenix Energy Technologies CEO, Glen Schrank, had this to say about the momentum of the Demand Manager solution and demand response in general: “The global demand response management system market is growing at more than 7% over the next few years. Our solution allows our customers to take advantage of revenue programs that provide as much as 164% ROI in just a few months. We’re proud to help stabilize the grid, save energy and the environment, and provide savings to our customers with just one of our many offerings.”

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