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2015 Star of Energy Efficiency Award Recipient for the Built Environment Category

Thursday June 25, 2015
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

Cinemark Theatres is being recognized with the Built Environment award for its environmental sustainability program, Cinemark Reel Green. The program is having a significant impact on movie theatre energy efficiency with initiatives including LED lighting retrofits, rooftop solar, variable frequency drives, and Enterprise Energy Management.

Since 2011, Cinemark's overall strategy has been supported through a big data solution platform delivered by Phoenix Energy Technologies’ Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) technology. Big data coupled with EEM has helped Cinemark maximize operational efficiency using real-time data and analytics.

One of the big data tools that has helped Cinemark with their energy efficiency initiatives is an Energy Intensity Map. This solution helps Cinemark quickly find which theatres are not performing as well as they should. It does this by displaying the average kilowatts per hour/square feet for all theatres nationwide. Additionally, energy data points are collected every 15-minutes, every day. This is valuable to Cinemark because with theatre size removed, Cinemark can better prioritize theatres with the highest capacity to improve.

Cinemark’s efforts currently save in excess of 40,000,000 kilowatt-hours annually. With its demonstrated dedication to energy efficiency and proactive strategy, Cinemark’s energy savings are only expected to rise and their carbon footprint reduced.


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Cinemark is a leading domestic and international motion picture exhibitor, operating 497 theatres with 5,687 screens in 41 U.S. states, Brazil, Argentina and 11 other Latin American countries as of March 31, 2015. For more information please visit

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