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Phoenix Energy Technologies celebrates 10 years of innovation and service

Tuesday February 18, 2014
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

Irvine, CA, February 18, 2014 –Celebrating 10 years of innovation and service, Phoenix Energy Technologies continues to be a leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) Software and Services.

Founded in 2004 PhoenixET began as a boutique energy-consulting and services firm that manually pulled together disparate pieces of data. In a short amount of time, it became clear that the company needed to build a platform, which allowed them to look at all the pieces that impacted the performance of their customers buildings, and energy consumption, in one central view.  Realizing that the only way to bring all of the information from their customers geographically dispersed locations together was to connect the buildings, and automate the collection of critical data sources across hundreds or thousands of locations. At that moment PhoenixET decided to shift gears, focus on technology, and find a way to build the enterprise energy management software platform.

Co-founder and CEO, Lisa Varga, knew that if PhoenixET were to build an EEM platform they would have to do so without having to install another “black box” into the customers’ locations.  After extensive research, PhoenixET purchased a company by the name of IFS.  This company was owned and operated by Keith Gipson.  With the purchase of IFS Keith joined PhoenixET as CIO and helped build PhoenixET’s EEM software platform EnterpriseDX, while also solving the proprietary connectivity solution.

In 2009, EnterpriseDX officially launched and after testing the platform with various types of buildings PhoenixET’s concept was a proven success. PhoenixET was able to connect multi-site enterprises gaining an unprecedented view into chain wide energy consumption and costs. By connecting to disparate hardware and metering systems to extract data, along with the integration of contextual data sources, PhoenixET was able to find and take action on inefficiencies, achieving the goal of lowering energy consumption and costs for customers.

“Our success has been due to loyal clients working with us to create new ways in managing their energy and facilities strategy.  Our average tenure of clients is 4.2 years, and we still have our first clients from 10 years ago,” said Varga. 

What started out as consulting company with no technology has expanded into a highly innovative technology company. PhoenixET has won numerous industry awards as well as recognition from several different entrepreneurship-based business magazines. PhoenixET has been recognized by Groom Energy, the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), INC. Magazine, CleanTech OC, and numerous Orange County-region business journals.

“I have spent 20 years in the national retail industry and feel truly blessed to have built such an amazing company in an industry that I love so much!  I could not have built PhoenixET without the support and dedication from my great team, loyal clients and industry support from our trade vendors” said Varga. She exclaims, “Our strength is in our people and culture!”

In their 10th year, PhoenixET plans to launch several new and exciting value-add enhancements that will allow them to provide even more value to their retail partners. PhoenixET is also heading forward full steam to develop Data as a Service for direct use by BCS OEMs, thus giving even more clients nationwide actionable insights into their energy use data.

When asked about her vision for the next 10 years and beyond, Varga replied “I am committed to giving back to the industry as much as it has given me over the years!  I am overjoyed with the next stage of growth of PhoenixET as we have proven to be the leader in the enterprise energy management space.”


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Phoenix Energy Technologies is a strategic partner and leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management software and services in the retail sector. With a proven process to enable greater visibility, produce actionable information, and achieve optimized building performance, PhoenixET provides a 360° solution to reduce energy consumption and costs.  For more information, visit