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PhoenixET named 2013 Enterprise Smart Grid Leader in Groom Energy’s 2013 report

Irvine, CA, July 16, 2013 – Phoenix Energy Technologies, a leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management Software and Enterprise Energy Management Services, today announced that it has been named as one of the top ten “2013 Enterprise Smart Grid Leaders” in Groom Energy’s “2013 Enterprise Smart Grid- and a Corporate Buyer’s Guide for Energy Management Software” report.

Recognized as one of the top ten industry leaders in Energy Management Software for the second year in a row, PhoenixET continues to prove that the Phoenix Energy 360° Solution is helping companies see added value in energy savings and operational efficiency.

"Phoenix Energy Technologies is unique in the market place because it has so many facilities it is remotely monitoring and controlling lighting and HVAC load to drive savings for customers, particularly large retail chains," says Paul Baier, Vice President of Sustainability Consulting and Research, Groom Energy Solutions.

PhoenixET continues to break the traditional Enterprise Energy Management mold through its IP-based connectivity solution and flexible software-as-a-service approach. Unlike many solutions in the market today EnterpriseDX®, PhoenixET’s core monitoring and control software platform is not just an energy monitoring tool but also has auto commanding capabilities back to the building control. EnterpriseDX® requires no new hardware or equipment at the store level as it integrates securely with existing open or closed protocol BMS equipment, regardless of the brand. This approach lowers implementation costs, increases payback and speeds national deployment.

Groom Energy ranked vendors on the financial strength of company, strength of product and technology, financial payback for customer, number of customers, sales momentum in the last 18 months, and vision. Over 200 hundred vendors were analyzed, and only 10 were named leaders.


About Phoenix Energy Technologies

Phoenix Energy Technologies is a strategic partner and leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management software and services in the retail sector. With a proven process to enable greater visibility, produce actionable information, and achieve optimized building performance, PhoenixET provides a 360° solution to reduce energy consumption and costs.  For more information, visit