Retail energy management software and solutions

Retail Energy Management Solutions

At Phoenix Energy Technologies, we specialize in enterprise energy management in the retail sector, which means we understand the unique challenges that retail Energy and Facility Managers face. From disparate and complex hardware systems, geographically dispersed building sites, and a lack of time and resources to identify and address the millions of energy anomalies that can occur across an enterprise, true energy optimization is a challenge. With PhoenixET's Energy Management Software and our Expert Services Team, we make energy management possible across the hundreds or even thousands of buildings in your portfolio.

With our innovative approach to enterprise energy management, we are able to identify substantial energy saving opportunities. Our customized solution drives cost savings without a single piece of additional hardware and without ever visiting a building site. 

Energy management can translate to millions of dollars in potential savings never realized - not to mention forgoing the reduced carbon footprint that comes along with reducing energy spent.

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