Grocery Energy Management Solutions

Grocery/Convenience Store Energy Management Solutions

Grocery Stores and Convenience store chains face a unique challenge when it comes to enterprise energy management. Maintaining food quality and safety is of the utmost importance, more than any energy savings. From disparate building control systems to complex refrigeration systems and other customer facing machines, facility and store managers are tasked with constantly monitoring temperatures and set points through a manual process that takes them away from their other responsibilities. Using PhoenixET's Energy Management Solution, we can remotely monitor and log historical data to identify problems before they are realized.

Using our Energy Management Software, managers are granted real time visibility into their asset performance, meaning that managers can be notified when a refrigeration unit goes down instead of during routine temperature checks or after a customer draws attention to it. Being able to react quickly keeps food products within a safe temperature range and eliminates wasted product. By giving managers this visibility, they also will spend less time doing manual temperature checks and more time ensuring that customers are happy and that the store is running properly. Due to our data logging and analytics, we can identify trends in asset performance and perform preventative maintenance before a failure disrupts operations.

PhoenixET understands the challenge of driving energy savings through refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC while still maintaining the high quality and safety standards our clients require for their products.

Using an individualized approach to each customer, we can help grocery customers realize savings across their business portfolio in places they may have never considered looking.

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