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Energy Management Solutions
Government, Public Sector, and Education

Federal, State and Local agencies are under increased pressure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and demonstrate energy management leadership. Some goals are very high, such as 40% GHG reduction by 2025. But where are you going to find all these energy savings?

Using our Energy Management Software, building and energy managers are granted real-time visibility into their building's performance, meaning that managers can be aware of the factors of energy demand, employee or customer comfort, and system alerts and issues all in one place.

By giving facility managers this visibility, they will spend less time doing manual checks and more time pursuing other initiatives such as implementation and integration of new energy sources. Due to our data logging and analytics, we can identify trends in asset performance and perform preventative maintenance before a failure disrupts operations.

PhoenixET has been working with multi-location enterprises and campuses for over 15 years

Using an individualized approach to each customer, we can help your municipality or agency realize savings across your buildings and their components.

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