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Proactive Energy Management

Spend more time on strategic projects, less time administering control systems

Many of the systems used by energy managers require you to spend time chasing issues, responding to hot and cold calls across your enterprise, or writing reports for your leadership. There’s too much to do, and not enough staff to do it with. But there’s a better way. 

Visualize - All your buildings in a consistent way at a glance, regardless of their underlying control system. 

Automate - Remotely control demand response, setpoints and lighting using triggers or schedules.

Predict- Consolidated predictive analytics allow you to identify problems before they start, and determine the next best use of your capital investments

Save - With more tools than any other single system to manage your buildings precisely to take advantage of utility programs, identify energy drains, and easily use sophisticated techniques like load cycling and rolling to meet your energy budget.



Automation and Control

With the most robust gateway library available, PhoenixET EDX can read and write data to the various control systems across your enterprise from a single pane of glass. 

Each module brings more capabilities than the last. Our experienced team will help you choose which combination meets your needs for visibility, commanding, demand management and response, alarm management and more.

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Robust Building Analytics

Demonstrate your results quickly and easily

Spend too much time writing reports for your leadership team and not enough identifying your next strategic project? We’ve got you covered there too. Using PhoenixET’s Building Intelligence you can build your own custom reports, incorporate other streams of data, and export as necessary to communicate your successes.


Demand Management and Response

Reduce your energy costs even more with offsetting revenue

Many energy managers aren’t taking enough advantage of utility incentive programs because it’s too difficult with their existing systems. With PhoenixET Demand Manager, it’s easier than ever to automatically trigger sophisticated demand reduction strategies for a demand event, or to maintain your low rates.

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