EDX Alarm Manager
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EDX Alarm Manager

EDX Alarm Manager consolidates and applies intelligence to your building system alarms and events.

Since every control system has their own alarming and events systems, keeping track of all of them, while identifying the real issues in a maze of alarms, can be challenging. EDX Alarm Manager consolidates your alarm management and helps facilities managers identify, prioritize, and act on critical alarms

Facilities and building management teams are often frustrated by duplicate alarms, alarms that have already resolved, and recurring alarms and events. EDX Alarm Manager consolidates these alarms and adds a layer of intelligence to prioritize urgent issues and limit false and useless alarms. Create your own custom notification rules and use the integrated EDX platform solutions to instantly resolve most issues, without having to go to the controls system.

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Sort, filter, and search for alarms

Alarm Manager generates alarms for your enterprise’s control systems, which can be filtered, sorted and searched. You’ll easily find actions taken, status and notes.


Prioritize Alarms and Events




Customize your alarm view

Show your most relevant searches and filter options in your dashboard.




Resolve most issues immediately using integrated tools

EDX modules such as Command View and Building View let you take action on set points and more right away.


Audit trail and trend reporting

Alarm reporting helps you understand equipment and facility issues before they become a bigger problem. The data is also available within PhoenixET’s Building Intelligence platform.

 Event Manager



Multiple flags and priorities to manage alarms

Alarm Manager’s intelligence automatically applies a priority of 1-10 based on best practices and your company’s business rules.

Collaborate with your team by linking comments to alarms for less common situations like equipment out of service, or scheduled maintenance.


Customize your view



Tiered escalations

Unresolved issues can be escalated using rules to the appropriate team for immediate action.


Accessible from any browser

As with all of PhoenixET’s EDX platform, manage your enterprise’s alarms and events from one place, wherever you are.