Introducing EnterpriseDX®  Demand Manager

Demand-side activities are a company's best chance to control costs and reduce energy use. Demand Manager provides a significant cost savings and energy decrease by managing demand across many locations and multiple BAS types to meet your energy cost and load objectives without sacrificing customer comfort or installing additional hardware or meters.


  • Multi-action strategies to manage load rolling/cycling
  • DemandManager

    Strategies to optimize for cost without sacrificing comfort

  • Works across multiple systems and doesn't require a meter
  • Built for daily demand management and demand response events

Energy managers are under competing pressures to meet budgets, reduce energy costs and carbon footprint goals, and manage customer comfort, all with a lack of visibility, messy control systems, and local users complaining or manually changing the controls. EnterpriseDX Demand Manager puts you back in control. Automatically maximize your efficiency based on your objectives day by day or create set and forget strategies.

ENTERPRISE VISIBILITYEDX Demand Manager Location Dashboard

Demand Manager allows you to see and sort your locations at a glance, with updates of current weather, baseline kW, and capacity every 15 minutes. View all your Demand Events in a single place, and slice and dice them by provider or time. Plus, build your own filtered reports to export the data you need.


Demand Manager works across diverse control systems and works with or without a meter. Build your own location groups so you can control changes at the level YOU choose.


Use multiple triggers and actions to customize strategies across one or more of your groups to meet a demand event or simply manage to a savings goal, without affecting customer comfort. With real-time updates every 15 minutes, you can fine-tune the system as much as you like.

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