Spotlight Partner - Microsoft

Disparate building control system data lives in silos.

With disparate building control systems, ticketing platforms, and other business software all using different naming conventions, measurements, and definitions, it's hard to compare across many building locations or derive any meaningful trends.

Phoenix Energy Technologies EnterpriseDX + Microsoft

Apps like Demand Manager and Building View leverage disparate data sets from multiple data inputs including temperature, weather, service and repair maintenance data enabled by Azure’s single data repository in IOT Hub.

Phoenix Energy Technologies + POWER BI

Phoenix Energy Technologies leverages Power BI to help customers get a global view of energy, visualize their portfolio and identify outliers that require immediate action.

Phoenix Energy Technologies + DIGITAL TWINS

Our apps leverage building telemetry data (alarms, fault detection, weather) to enable enhanced asset management via Microsoft Digital Twins.

Phoenix Energy Technologies + AZURE CLOUD

Phoenix Energy Technologies EnterpriseDX safely stores and accesses data in the Azure Cloud and lets you build applications on IOT Central.


Reduce Energy Spend

Customers achieve as much as 3-5% energy savings and can continue to reduce year over year as they follow the prescribed roadmap to savings.


Increase the Life of Building Assets

Easily identify and assess a whole portfolio’s building assets to determine what to repair, replace or service.


Streamline Workflows

By leveraging Phoenix Energy Technologies’s integrations, energy and facilities managers as well as on-premise personnel can reduce double data entry and mistakes.

Customer SuccessesCustomer Success

National Retailer Moves from Reactive to Proactive

With a big picture view of their information, historical data and new analytics capabilities, they had the ability to make strategic decisions to capture energy savings and drive proactive facilities management.

National Movie Theater Chain Adds Data for Better Decisions

The company was able to take advantage of staggered showtimes to reduce HVAC systems when auditoriums were empty, incorporating Point-of-Sale data to make informed energy decisions.

National Grocery Chain Realizes 3-5x ROI

Adding refrigeration and alarm management reduced unnecessary service call, improved manual overrides and saved food spoilage.

Global Retailer Gains Visibility and Savings

“Phoenix gave us visibility and insights into our energy operations we could never get on our own across our 1,200 locations. Their analytics helped our team determine where to spend our maintenance dollars more wisely and their EDX platform made frequent, portfolio-wide, set-point changes a reality, driving down significant cost on our utility bill."