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Spotlight on Energy Savings in Grocery, Retail, and Healthcare

Monday February 10, 2020
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies


We have put together five case studies spanning a variety of industries that outline how PhoenixET helps customers meet and exceed energy saving targets. You can access the reports on the below links.

PhoenixET helps building and facility managers gain precise building management control over multiple locations. These controls drastically save money, cut down on power usage, improve occupant comfort, and allow for data analysis across thousands of data points.

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Below you will find five case studies in the grocery, retail, and health industries that give a better understanding of the objectives we can help businesses meet. 

1. Grocery Chain Saves Over a Million Dollars Across Multiple Sites

In this case study, learn how a major grocery chain:

  • Saved over a million dollars in energy costs.
  • Hit their energy savings goal of a 4% reduction.
  • Converted all energy management to centralized control.

Access study here.

2. National Department Store Saves Energy & Improves Internal Regional Call Process

In this case study, learn how a national department store:

  • Saved over $10 million in annual energy costs.
  • Improved their internal regional manager call process.
  • Greatly reduced man-hours, with a further $1.3 million in savings.

Access study here

3. Precision Building Management Controls Developed for National Retailer

In this case study, learn how a national retailer:
  • Saved $2.2 million in 12 months.
  • Gained enterprise-wide visibility across 1,100 locations.
  • Quickly consolidated 300,000+ data points.
  • Optimized in-store operational process and energy management.

Access study here.

4. Spotlight on Energy Savings: A National Movie Chain Case Study

In this study, learn how a movie chain:

  • Used PhoenixET custom reporting to isolate how energy savings could best be achieved. 
  • Reduced energy during peak load hours.
  • Made cost-saving changes without impacting audience comfort.

Access study here.

5. American Healthcare Group Solves for Centralized Management Issues

In this case study, see how PhoenixET:

  • Improved visibility at site level for facility managers to proactively manage issues. 
  • Solved for inconsistent alarming from hospital control systems, which reduced confusion and improved response times.  
  • Established Energy Management System (EMS) Support to all hospital directors 24/7/365.

Access study here.

Energy and facility managers are increasingly looking at how building technologies can help them manage business and commercial properties while meeting strict energy and cost targets. To learn how PhoenixET can help your business, reach out to us below.

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