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Precision Building Management Controls for a National Retailer

enterprise_visibility_circlePhoenixET has been providing Smart Building IoT analytics solutions to customers for over 15 years. We focus on optimizing equipment efficiency across multiple sites by connecting building systems and equipment, without the need for additional hardware.

These efficiencies reduce energy costs, decrease repair and maintenance spend, and lowers capex by extending the life of assets.  

We have a case study entitled Increasing Visibility to Gain Efficiencies highlighting how we made these improvements for a national retailer with 1,100 locations.  

The case study shows how a national retailer:

  • Saved $2.2 million in 12 months
  • Gained enterprise-wide visibility across 1,100 locations
  • Quickly consolidated 300,000+ data points
  • Optimized in-store operational process and energy management
  • Attained actionable information to capture energy and facility maintenance savings 

Download the case study to learn more!

Download the Case Study


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