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National Healthcare Group Solves for Multiple Centralized Management Issues

Monday September 16, 2019
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

hospital_amboAvailable for immediate download - We have highlighted the key impacts our EnterpriseDX software made to a nationwide healthcare group.

Our customer, who manages healthcare facilities across America, was having critical visibility issues that were impacting response times and support at the local level. They required real-time visibility across all their locations to better manage and report on activity.

Case Study Download - Product Solutions for Healthcare

In this case study, you will learn how we solved for:

  • Site-level visibility  
  • Alarm inconsistencies 
  • Misinformation and delayed response times
  • EMS support by hospital directors   

In addition, our customer’s centralized facility managers can now access intelligent reports to guide them in assessing locations individually and at the multi-site level.  

Download the case study below to learn more.


Download the Case Study


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