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Live Webinar!  Maximizing Demand Response in Arizona SRP and NY ISO

Enel blog post bannerv2We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar on demand response and demand management. In today's world, businesses face a challenge of reducing their energy consumption while still maintaining their daily operations. This challenge can be resolved through demand response programs that offer an effective solution to manage electricity demand.

Join us Thursday, March 30th, 1 PM PDT in our webinar Maximizing Demand Response in Arizona SRP and New York ISO.

In this webinar, we will discuss the fundamentals of demand response and how it can be implemented to optimize energy usage. Our expert panel will cover topics like how demand response programs can help businesses save on energy costs, improve grid reliability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You will hear from industry expert Ron Rau on how you can promote these programs and engage internal supportive allies within your organization. Hear also how our valued partner Enel simplifies your energy journey, enables DR participation in markets throughout the country, and helps you maximize revenue from your energy assets.

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 Come away with an understanding of how you can:

  • Build and sell the business case internally from a financial perspective and get ahead of program deadlines.
  • Scale demand response across a diverse portfolio with multiple legacy, BAS systems to maximize savings.
  • Obtain an assessment of your entire energy and facilities equipment portfolio from Phoenix Energy Technologies to understand how to best capitalize on DR programs available.

Be prepared for an informative session and get your questions answered in our live Q&A on how to get started in planning for your energy demand management needs. Register for our webinar today!

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