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How PetSmart Reduces Costs with Energy Demand Management

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Join our upcoming webinar to learn how energy demand management can help reduce costs through demand response programs for multi-site enterprises. Hear from our panel of industry experts from PetSmart and CPower on how enterprise businesses can pursue sustainability and reliability goals and realize cost savings in the process. 

Join us Tuesday, February 15th, 1 PM PST in our webinar How PetSmart Reduces Costs with Energy Demand Management.  

Moderated by our VP of Business & Corporate Development, Ryan Adelman, you will hear from PetSmart's Manager of Energy and Sustainability, Rachael Ruelas, who will share insights from PetSmart's experience and discuss outcomes from their demand management journey and expectations going forward.

You will also learn from Nate Soles and Jay Snyder from CPower about how energy solutions providers are helping enterprise businesses like PetSmart monetize their demand flexibility and help balance the grid.

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In this webinar, you will learn:   

  • How enterprises can scale demand response across a diverse portfolio with multiple legacy BAS systems to maximize savings
  • How to remove the complexity of DR participation across multiple programs and regions
  • Simple steps enterprises can take to implement a portfolio-wide demand response program
  • How enterprises can get started utilizing existing BAS and IoT data to quantify the opportunity 

Come prepared for an informative session and get your questions answered in our live Q&A! Get started in planning for your energy demand management needs. Register for our webinar today!  

PetSmart enterprise energy demand management


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