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Join Us to Learn About Energy Conservation Measures and New Grocery Customer Use Cases at FMI E+SD

The FMI Energy and Store Development Conference is being held in Orlando, FL this month – September 19-21!  Please come by and connect with the Phoenix Energy Technologies team at this grocery retailer industry event and ask the energy questions that are top of mind for you.

 FMI E+SD is the only event covering food retail refrigeration, energy efficiency and store design. The last couple of years have compelled retailers to rethink their priorities and take decisive action, and the event will provide information on trends affecting food retail energy use, HVAC-R, and sustainability. Come explore the latest industry trends and discuss best practices for tackling critical energy issues.

 Planned sessions include: 

  • How Are Supply Chain Challenges Impacting Store Construction and Maintenance?
  • Refrigeration Regulatory Update: Explore New and Upcoming Revisions
  • Sustainability Key Trends: Shaping a Greener Future
  • Renewable Energy and Resilience
  • Creating Meaningful Shopping Experiences: Store Development Trends Practices

Phoenix Energy Technologies Session

Make sure to join the session, “Three Successful Grocery Use Cases - How to Achieve Energy Expense Savings to Meet Financial and Sustainability Goals” where we will explore:

  • How enterprises can get started utilizing existing Building Automation Systems (BAS) requiring no new hardware or equipment
  • How to leverage data analytics to gain insights and proactively take action on energy efficiency, improve safety and comfort, and track carbon emission reduction against established sustainability targets
  • How to speed deployment and lower overall costs

Use cases include:

  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Refrigeration Optimization
  • HVAC Setpoint Alignment

Wednesday, September 21


Oceans Ballroom 3


Featured Speaker:

Michael McMahon

 Michael McMahon, Vice President

Phoenix Energy Technologies 


We invite you to come with questions on how kWh reduction can lead to increased energy expense savings and align with financial and sustainability goals. We'd love to connect with you!

Renaissance Orlando

 Renaissance Orlando  

We look forward to seeing you there. Don’t miss out – register now!


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