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EDX Building View - Enterprise Visibility For Energy and Facilities Teams

Thursday June 21, 2018
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

This post is part of The Guide to Building Management Technologies.

Introducing the latest enhancements to Building View- one of PhoenixET's most popular software modules. 

Used by many of our top customers, including retailers such as Sears and Cinemark Building View brings faster Multiple datapointsenterprise-wide diagnosis, action, and analysis to their energy, facilities, and sustainability teams. What they like most? The ability to wrangle multiple building control systems into a single, normalized view, so they can compare, and act on, locations around the network, without ever having to touch clunky control interfaces.

The latest features:

  • Common view of datasets across any location on any control system makes comparing and analyzing easy!
  • Access multiple points of building data such as zone and supply temperatures, sensor status and set points. Quickly dig into any location in your enterprise, and identify conditions, issues and statuses. You can even change setpoints to resolve comfort concerns.
  • Highlighted problematic readings in red to help quickly identify issues and increase efficiency when diagnosing problems at the store level.
  • Charting and historical trending back up to 36 months, including multi-point trending.
  • Mobile Accessibility. Access your building’s data from any browser, at work, at home, or wherever you are!

  • Command setpoints. Quickly change setpoints to resolve comfort issues without having to login to any other system.

Ready to learn more? Check out the datasheet.

Download our Building View Datasheet



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