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Building Management Technologies for Facility and Energy Managers

pdf_thumbnail-1We have developed a guide for facility and energy managers that will assist them in understanding the options out there to help curb costs, save energy, and automate processes.

The rise of smart buildings and building automation is incredible and can be overwhelming.  Managers are tasked with saving money and energy all the time and should seek out tools that allow them to do this on a precision level.  

Modern building management tools can allow you to:

  • Capture quality sensor data for integration and automation.
  • Monitor energy use for cost saving reporting/certification. 
  • Maintain reliable connection to assets, PARTICULARLY important for those managing multiple locations.

This downloadable PDF guide will look at three common building management technologies: Building Automation, Energy Management Systems, and Smart Buildings. 

Download the guide below.

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Myth One: Unoccupied Space Should Be Powered Down

It is commonly believed that powering down cooling systems overnight and on weekends when the building, or sections of the building, are unused will decrease energy use and save money.

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