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Building Intelligence Just Got Better - Introducing BI 2.0

Building data is hard to gather and consolidate because of legacy and proprietary building equipment. Energy and facilities teams rely on multiple data sources and manual consolidation to create trends and make decisions. PhoenixET's Building Intelligence platform provides a real-time summary of energy and dollar savings, cost avoidance, and your best and worst locations at a glance - without the time-consuming manual tasks.

This week, we are pleased to announce the latest enhancements to our Building Intelligence solution. With more standard reports than ever before, BI 2.0 also adds great features to make it easier than ever to create your own custom views, reports, and dashboards, collaborate with peers, and export your data and reports for even deeper analysis.

Take a look at the exciting new features

Active reporting

Automatically take corrective and proactive action based on data trends and anomalies. Data is updated on demand for some datasets

Enterprise-wide building health at a glance

Get the current state of your energy usage, comfort and calls/alarms across all your control systems and connected machines in a normalized dashboard. No conversion or legends required.

Mobile App for updates on the go

Utilize the native mobile app, making the features of Building Intelligence easily available from any mobile device

Ad hoc Report and Dashboard creation using the intuitive interface

Easily filter and select data to create the view that meets your needs; by region, brand or other selection. Build dashboards using existing datasets to create a personalized view of the metrics important to you.

Collaboration tools

Start a conversation about your data and observations right in the dashboard. Manage users and teams.

Export and Analyze

Want to export your data and analyze in Excel or elsewhere? How about exporting your dashboards to PowerPoint for an executive briefing? No problem.

Download the product datasheet

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