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EDX Virtual Override

In typical facilities operations, two of the largest expenses are a result of lighting and HVAC over-usage. Minimizing the time these systems are running can help retailers realize drastic savings. When a situation calls for overnight work, managers initiate their overrides so the work area is properly lit and cooled. 

Typical override switches are in inconvenient locations, require maintenance, and can get stuck, spending thousands in energy. With PhoenixET's EDX Virtual Override, the button is secure, permission controlled, and in the palm of your end user's hand, preventing unnecessary maintenance of analog switches and buttons. You'll get the speed and convenience of access from anywhere plus prevent abuse with custom rules and provided reporting.


Download Virtual Override Datasheet







Roles-Based Access

Easily maintain and control who has access to the override controls so no rogue employee or customer can turn on or off the equipment. Update it instantly when personnel changes. 




Audit Trail

See who and where overrides are made without noisy alarms to make policy decisions and understand trends. 



Flexible Configuration of Override Times and Equipment - Set Rules for Timing, Schedules and more!

manage and maintain which equipment is eligible for overrides and when







Automatically revert to normal operation

No having to return to the switch to shut off the lights, or getting stuck in the "on" position wasting energy and money.


 Mobile Instant Override Access

No need to physically be at the button or switch, it's available via easy-to-use app. No more waiting for service!