Is Your Building Running a Fever?Keith's Illustration

In this paper, 30-year veteran of building energy optimization and PhoenixET CTO Keith Gipson tells entertaing and valuable stories about lessons learned in managing some of the most technologically advanced buildings in the country. 

Keith will tell you:

  • Why some energy strategies actually cause usage to RISE, and what you can do about it
  • How to avoid the "rebound effect"
  • The hand-in-hand relationship between energy managment and comfort
  • Why we need to combine the art AND science of managing buildings and building controls

About the Author


Keith Gipson

Keith E. Gipson is the Chief Technology Officer for Phoenix Energy Technologies, bringing 30 years of experience in the retail, commercial and industrial energy management and controls industry as well as leading the development of industry-changing technologies.

Prior to joining the Phoenix leadership team, Keith was CTO and co-founder of IFS, an Enterprise Energy Management and systems integration solutions company. In 1997, Keith co-founded Silicon Energy Corp., the first Enterprise Energy Management company. Silicon Energy was sold to Itron Corp. in 2001 for $71M. Prior to Silicon Energy, Keith was one of the first people hired by PG&E's "start-up" company, Vantus Energy that later became PG&E Energy Services.

Keith has been leading the advancement of technology in the field of Energy Management and is the recipient of many awards. Most recently, Southern California Edison recognized him as a Modern Day African-American Inventor for his contributions to the utility and EEM industries. He holds a U.S. patent as co-inventor of a Web-based EEM system. Keith is always looking forward to the “next big thing.”