Sustainability Managers
Meet your sustainability goals
Sustainability Managers

Less energy used, less energy wasted

Reduce your carbon footprint and hit your corporate objectives

While sustainability managers are concerned with much more than energy usage, most corporations have goals of reducing their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas impact. 

PhoenixET can help your company reduce your total energy demand across all your locations, and keep moving the needle year after year to help you meet your goals.

  • Demand reduction
  • Identify energy wasting equipment
  • Reduced use of non-renewable sources

Buildings of the future


Buildings of the Future

We're with you all the way

Whether you’re evaluating your energy supply or demand, working towards next-level performance like LEED or Green Building certification, we’ll help you analyze your next steps.

Phoenix customers are looking for ways to manage EVs, water, local energy generation, and more. Let’s talk about your plans!

Energy dashboards


Reporting and Analysis 

Demonstrate your success with dashboards

One of the challenges facing sustainability managers is reporting your successes. It can be tedious and time consuming. With PhoenixET Building Intelligence, you can see your energy demand trends with the click of a button. 

Review total energy demand trends by region, location or across the enterprise. Add your own data sources to find correlations with other initiatives and identify ways to reduce other limited resources like water.

Plus, take credit for related efficiencies PhoenixET creates

  • Reduced transportation to locations for unnecessary repairs
  • Longer life of building assets contributing to less landfill waste
  • And more!

reduce total energy consumption


Reduce Total Energy Consumption by 3-5%

Most customers see reductions year after year

PhoenixET’s team works with yours to identify areas that can reduce your energy demand not just now, but for the years to come. With cascading strategies that can continually advance, your energy reduction roadmap can help you meet your ever harder to reach sustainability goals.

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